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The CSFNSM is managed by an Executive Board, including representatives of the supporting institutions, with the task to approve the budgets and final accounts and to define the annual activity programs. At present components of the Executive Board are the Rectors of the University of Catania and Messina, the President of the Province of Catania and the Mayor of Catania Municipality. A Reviser Committee, composed of three members named by the Executive Board and designated by the University of Catania, the Municipality and the Province of Catania, supervises the financial management.


Present Director

Prof. Sebastiano Albergo, full professor of Experimental Physics at University of Catania

Present Deputy Director

Prof. Giuseppe Falci, Associate Professor of Physics of Matter at University of Catania


Administrative secretary office

Mrs. Anna Maria D'Arrigo

Mrs. Maria Rosa Scollo


The CSFNSM, besides the staff for the administrative management, has several scholarship and grantees. Moreover, more than 60 professors and researchers of Universities and national research institutions free collaborate to the scientific activity. your social media marketing partner
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