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The Sicilian Center of Nuclear Physics and Physics of Matter (CSFNSM) exists since 1955 and initially was composed by the three public universities in Sicily and other institutions, whose representatives form the Executive Board. By statute the CSFNSM redefines its members every five years. The Executive Board appoints the Director among the full professors of Physics at the University of Catania. One of the relevant purposes of CSFNSM is also starting to scientific research of young talents. In more than fifty years of activity, the CSFNSM has supported several hundred of young fellows.

Particularly important scientific initiatives of CSFNSM have been:

  •  In 1955 it acquired and made available to the national scientific community the first ion accelerator (Van der Graaf) in the South Italy.
  • In the mid ‘70s it founded, together with INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) and the University of Catania, the Southern National Laboratory of INFN.
  • It has contributed, with other institutions, to the oncological Hadrontherapy program in Catania, operating from more than a decade.
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