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Pint of Science 2022


We bring science to the pubs



Pint of Science, the largest scientific dissemination event in the world, for the fifth time in Catania thanks also to the CSFNSM which is the local sponsor. Three days of science and beer to talk informally about the most current scientific research. After two years of pandemic, science is back in the pubs.


Where and When: 

 9-10-11 May 2022 from 21:00

Mr. Hyde Pub - Via S. Filomena 30/32

Joyce Irish Pub - Via Montesano 46

The Boozer - Via Caff 6



From new energies to the great special observation, Etna; from the mechanisms of understanding and learning of our brain to neutron stars and more ... exploring the Milky Way or studying new forms of communication; antibiotic resistance and green materials for restoration; and then our companion, certainly not a friend, of the last two years and beyond, that is the effects of the long covid. All this, and much more, is Pint of Science Catania 2022, the fifth Catania edition of the international scientific dissemination event, born in 2012 in the United Kingdom, and which has come to embrace 23 Italian cities and 25 countries around the world, covering all five continents.

An appointment to which the city of Catania has always reserved a very warm welcome and which, after the cancellation of 2020 and the realization in online format in 2021, returns to animate the Catania spring live, from Monday 9 to Wednesday 11 May, and which , as in past years, involves the Joyce Irish Pub via located in Montesano street, the Mr. Hyde Pub in S. Filomena street and The Boozer in Caff street, which have hosted the festival since its first local edition in 2017.

Atoms to Galaxies, Planet Earth and Beautiful Mind/Our Body are the macro-themes which will be discussed at the foot of the Liotru, corresponding to physics-chemistry, natural sciences, neuroscience and biology.

From the six cities of the first edition in 2015 to the 23 cities of this year's edition: Pint of Science wants to confirm itself as a light event, despite the context that is certainly still complex, but at the same time engaging and bringing, this year more than ever, a message in the name of resilience and restart, which also and above all wants to be of trust in science.

These two years have taught everyone, not just the experts in the sector, how fundamental scientific research and collaboration between the various research fields are and, above all, how necessary a correct scientific culture is. "Despite the fact that we are still facing a very complex socio-economic framework, the awareness has grown that scientific research can be a fundamental tool for improving the quality of life, from the defense of the environment, to the ability to create work and therefore well-being, up to saving human lives - comments Alessia Tricomi , local organizer of the event but also national manager and President of the Cultural Association Pint Of Science Italia. Pint of Science, with its widespread presence all over the world, wants to help defend the value of scientific research and its contribution to the growth of society. And Catania will certainly not be outdone!

Of course without losing the light and informal spirit that characterizes our event: no chairs and blackboards but a nice glass of beer in hand to discuss together the mysteries of nature and the latest discoveries that will improve our future. Our slogan has always been we talk about science but over a mug of beer ».

Catania is in its fifth edition of pints of science: "Catania is a lively and curious city - comments Alessia Tricomi, also director of the CSFNSM and professor at the University of Catania -. The response of the people of Catania in the pre-pandemic years was very exciting and, therefore, now that we finally see a concrete opening to restart, not only could we not miss it but we have prepared a really rich program, with very prestigious researchers, of international fame, but also, in the spirit of Pint of Science, giving space to young people. We hope that this year Catania will make us feel its warmth and enthusiasm even more strongly. We want to put behind us the two years that forced us into only virtual contacts and we want to do so relying on the variety of topics that will be discussed in our pubs, which have faithfully accompanied us from the very first edition. A really good partnership has been created with the pub managers that we hope will continue for years to come ».

Of the nine talks scheduled at Pint of Science Catania 2022 - one each in each pub for three evenings, all starting at 9 pm - on Monday 9 May we report the intervention by Martino Ruggieri, full professor of general pediatrics at the University of Catania, at Joyce Irish pub, which will take us on a journey to discover the mysteries of the brain and of learning, while, at the same time as Mr. Hyde, Gilda Currenti, researcher from INGV, will talk about our muntagna; Tuesday 10, again at the Joyce Irish pub, it will be Bruno Cacopardo (Unict), the leading infectious disease specialist in these two years of the fight against covid-19, to explain to us why it is not over yet and what covid is leaving us; Wednesday 11, at The Boozer, Fiorella Burgio, researcher of the INFN Section of Catania, will talk about neutron stars and more ...

But there is really spoiled for choice in the very rich program of Pint of Science Catania 2022, which will see the University of Catania as protagonist, with its professors and researchers, with 6 of the 9 talks scheduled, as well as the main Research Institutions operating in the territory. Inevitable, as always, INFN and INAF that have accompanied the event since its first edition.

For more information, see the official website of the event www.pintofscience.ite, for further details on the Catanese talks, at

Following is the detailed program of the event:

BEAUTIFUL MIND-OUR BODY / Joyce Irish Pub, via Montesano 46 (inizio ore 21:00)

Monday 9 May Martino Ruggieri (Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine - University of Catania) - Learning and memory: how and why

Tuesday 10 May Bruno Cacopardo (Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine - University of Catania) - The long covid: unexpected consequences of a pandemic

Wednesday 11 May Antonella Agodi (Department of Medical, Surgical and Advanced Technologies "GF Ingrassia" - University of Catania) - Combating antibiotic resistance: challenges and ideas

PLANET EARTH / Mr. Hyde Pub, via S. Filomena 30/32 (inizio ore 21:00)

Monday 9 May Gilda Currenti (INGV Osservatorio Etneo) - Etna: special surveillance

Tuesday 10 May Maura Fugazzotto (Department of Humanities - University of Catania) - Some like it cold! Materials for restoration

Wednesday 11 May Giuseppe Mancini (Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering - University of Catania) - Energy from waste: a taboo to dispel

ATOMS TO GALAXIES / The Boozer, via Caff 6 (inizio ore 21:00)

Monday 9 May Elisa Distefano (INAF - Catania Astrophysical Observatory) - Gaia and the secrets of the Milky Way

Tuesday 10 May Nunzio Tuccitto (Department of Chemical Sciences - University of Catania) - The communication of the future? A question of chemistry!

Wednesday 11 May Fiorella Burgio (INFN Section of Catania) - Stella Artois or Neutron stars? One is drunk ...

Pint of Science is organized by the non-profit cultural association "Pint of Science Italia" and is a non-profit event in which everyone collaborates on a voluntary basis, realized thanks to the teams operating in each city and the support of INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics), national sponsor of the event, INAF (National Institute of Astrophysics), national sponsor of the Atoms to Galaxies theme, and SIERR (Italian Society of Embryology, Reproduction and Research), national sponsor of the Our Body theme.

In Catania Pint of Science is organized thanks to the precious contribution of the CSFNSM (Sicilian Center of Nuclear Physics and Structure of Matter), engaged for over sixty-five years in basic and applied scientific research and in the training of young researchers, which led Pint of Science in Catania starting from 2017.


Pint of Science – A brief history

In 2012 Michael Motskin and Praveen Paul were two researchers at Imperial College London. They started an event called “Meet the researchers” in which some patients with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, motor neuron disease and multiple sclerosis could go to their labs to see what kind of research they were doing. The event was very motivating for both visitors and researchers. They thought that if people want to go into the labs and meet the researchers, why not take the researchers out to meet the people? And so Pint of Science was born. In May 2013 the first edition of Pint of Science was held (in the UK only) which brought to the general public some of the most renowned researchers to tell their innovative work to lovers of science and beer.

In Italy, the event landed in 2015, involving first six cities - Genoa, Trento, Siena, Rome, Pavia, Milan - even more than tripled in the space of a few years. 23 Italian cities (Avellino-Sarno, Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Catania, Ferrara, Genoa, L'Aquila, Milan, Naples, Padua, Palermo, Pisa-Lucca, Pavia, Reggio Calabria, Rome, Siena, Trento-Rovereto, Trieste and Turin) and 24 countries in literally every corner of the world (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Holland, Paraguay, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia , Singapore, Spain, United States, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa and Thailand). Catania joined the event in 2017 and is, this year, in its fifth edition

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