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Training of high school graduates and university graduates in the most advanced technologies in physics.

The CSFNSM supports initiatives to train and improve the preparation of young people to address them to technologically advanced activities, allocating both its own resources and those it receives through competitive tenders. These initiatives fully respond to the pressing requests to provide our young people with in-depth training in the sectors of high technologies and advanced research, so as to be able to compete in a qualified way in the European field and offer greater opportunities for integration into the world of work.

The following types of scholarships are provided:

  • Scholarships for young graduates with undergraduate seniority of less than three years, for training in theoretical or experimental research in the fields of Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics, Physics of Matter, Astrophysics and Applied Physics


  • Scholarships for furthering the research activity of graduates with more than three years of degree or in possession of a PhD in physical disciplines.


  • Scholarships for master's degree students in Physics to initiate them into scientific research.


The CSFNSM also carries out advanced training activities, organizing schools and specialized courses.


The CSFNSM is also engaged in professional training and is accredited by the Sicilian Region Department of Education and Professional Training (DDG n. 8787 of 04/12/2017 - CIR Code D1227). your social media marketing partner
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